1. A quick turnaround test for another of the characters for my project Hog Sisters..

  2. I’m gonna do a repost of this separately —- in full size! 

    My super talented friend Sandra N. Andersen has animated my Freyja design!! If that is not the most hypnotic awesome sauce ever, then I don’t know what is! 


  3. Nordic Godess - Freyja




    Based on design by the talented Marie Thorhauge

    Freyja, the Nordic Godess of Love.
    Everything was done in TVPaint

    When I figure out how, I will upload a version in better quality! 
    Bigger version here: http://sandranandersen.blogspot.ie/

    I did an animation thing :D

    My awesome friend Sandra N. Andersen
    made my Freyja come to life!
    If that is not hypnotic, I don’t know what is..!
  4. started redesigning some old work for a little personal project I am dabbling with..
    Two other ladies soon to be introduced :)
    these are a few concept samples..

  5. Woo, new Song of the Sea teaser finally out!!
    So very proud to have been part of this Cartoon Saloon production. And to have worked on the character design along with mr director Tomm Moore.
  6. Tove Jansson homage
    - - - Mumrik / Snufkin - - -
  7. —- Tove Jansson homage —-
    Hatifnatter / Hattifatteners from Moomin
  8. Tove Jansson homage —- Mårran / The Groke

  10. moodswings…