1. ancientspirals:

    Reblogging ‘cause I worked on this.


    New stills from “Song of the Sea” animated feature film directed by Tomm Moore (Secret of Kells).

    Woo! Lots of new goodies from Tomm Moore’s new feature Song of the Sea! So happy to have worked on this :))

  2. space.

  3. Animation Art Auction - Dublin!

    For this years Animation Art exhibition and auction in Dublin - I am submitting a print of this guy. 20x29cm in black frame.
    Exhibition and auction takes place in the Temple Bar Gallery on the weekend of the 17th of October!!
    So anyone who finds themselves nearby that weekend - get yerrselfs in there and take part in a very worthy bidding war for your favourite piece!
    All proceeds go to the Jack and Jill Foundation and the ISPCC.
  4. Woo!!
    I was paid the honour of having my original Freyja design sculpted by the brilliant Morten Lassen.
    He was allowed a portion of creative freedom. The result is cool!
    Please visit his site for more photos
  5. askfordoodles:

    For those who don’t know:

    There’s gonna be a sneak-peek livestream of Song of the Sea tonight at 10 PM Eastern Time! (I hope I converted correctly)

    Spread this around to your animation-loving buddies :)

    Yaay! If you have the option, do check out this sneak peak tonight!

    (via druli)

  6. Gearing up for a new CoLab
    with my very talented friend —- animator Sandra N. Andersen
    Verily, thou hast felt it.

    *Fanart for Nintendo LOZ
  7. A quick turnaround test for another of the characters for my project Hog Sisters..

  8. I’m gonna do a repost of this separately —- in full size! 

    My super talented friend Sandra N. Andersen has animated my Freyja design!! If that is not the most hypnotic awesome sauce ever, then I don’t know what is! 


  9. Nordic Godess - Freyja




    Based on design by the talented Marie Thorhauge

    Freyja, the Nordic Godess of Love.
    Everything was done in TVPaint

    When I figure out how, I will upload a version in better quality! 
    Bigger version here: http://sandranandersen.blogspot.ie/

    I did an animation thing :D

    My awesome friend Sandra N. Andersen
    made my Freyja come to life!
    If that is not hypnotic, I don’t know what is..!
  10. started redesigning some old work for a little personal project I am dabbling with..
    Two other ladies soon to be introduced :)
    these are a few concept samples..